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High Resolution Printing Machines

T610 High Resolution Printing Machine

The printing machines allows you to perform printing with a resolution of up to 300 dpi, a height of up to 18 mm (for 1 printer head), and at a speed of up to 35 m/min. The printing machine features a compact printer head system and best suits printing bar codes, complex logos, and matrix or QR codes.

T680 High Resolution Graphics System

The equipment complex includes a feed, staging, and printing system. This solution will allow you to apply staged graphic information on flat types of packages, for instance: sheets, envelopes, and lottery tickets.

Multi-headed Printing System

This printing system will allow you to apply high-resolution staged information (up to 600 dpi) with one or four print heads simultaneously. This will allow you to apply printing on several lines or one line with a print height of up to 50 mm.

Manual S Series Printing Machine

A universal manual print staging system. This is suitable for applying printing on small batches of products at production facilities without product staging systems. As well as for large-dimensioned wares: barrels, construction materials, and palettes.