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Small Symbol Industrial Printing Machines

V280 Markirator for universal applications

The V280 model printing machine is created for operating in challenging conditions and is universal for application in the food, construction, chemical, and petroleum industry sectors. The printing machine boasts a broad range of features for fulfilling the most demanding of printing requirements: 1-4 lines of print, regulatory maintenance once per 5,000 hours of operation, and dust and moisture protection IP55. The user-friendly interface and color touch-screen render operation of the printing machine simple and easy to use.

V380P printing machine for printing with color pigment ink

This printing machine model is specially developed for printing on dark surfaces. The use of contrast white pigment inks provides a high level of brightness and high print reliability. The printing machine may be used both for working on production in the food industry as well as in rough conditions in the industries of construction, auto parts production, and electronic.

V380 Printing Machine for high-speed lines

The printing machine is created for operating at large speeds and production lines working non-stop 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The printing machine’s features allow you to resolve any, even the most complex of, printing tasks. The application of the user-friendly control interface, as well as its high level of moisture and dust protection (IP65), render operation as reliable as possible.

V260 Printing Machine for remote operation

The printing machine features the primary functions for setting up remote control. This is easy and straightforward to do. The operator may select, edit, and change messages. As well as controlling the switching on and off of the print – all of this at a distance using a regular computer. The printing system is designed with considering of minimum service requirements. The majority of the functions are automated.

V230 Printing Machine for simple use

Simple use and servicing printing machine. This model is designed specifically for simple operations and printing 1-3 lines at speeds of up to 150 m/min. A user-friendly interface with straightforward functions for creating, editing, and selecting messages. Servicing the printing machine is very easy thanks to the automatic cleaning, ink and fluid level control, and regulatory filter replacement meters.